This is the story of two young lovers Meghana(about 26), a software developer and Sahil(about 26) , a Radio Jockey, who have just broken up with each other. Meghana has decided to walk out from the apartment they had rented together because she feels that Sahil is not ready for a long-term commitment.
•As Meghana’s belonging are loaded into a truck, Meghana and Sahil decide to settle their dues while sitting on opposite sides of a seesaw! Sahil makes the seesaw go up and down depending on whose contribution is higher!
•What starts of as an accounting discussion, soon develops into a blame game as each person feels that he or she contributed more to keep the relationship going. After initial shouting and blaming, the couples reflect on what went wrong. Both of them realise the mistakes they made and appreciate the contribution made by the other person.
•Both of them realise that they do not really want to separate from each other. However, Sahil merely wants to “renew the lease” for this relationship while Meghana wants a permanent commitment. Sensing that Sahil is not ready, Meghana drives off in her car after which Sahil realises that he cannot live without her.
•Sahil then rushes behind heron a bicycle and jumps on to the car and stops Meghana from leaving.

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