Love is an equation with many parts. Marriage being one of the part there are other essential needs like intimacy and emotional bonding. Physical touch doesn’t always mean to sleep with a person daily at night but it also means a hug when one is depressed, intertwining hands while seeing the sun sink into the ocean, a peck on the cheek and an intimate kiss on a beautiful romantic date. Love is difficult to understand when the person is away for longer time. We don’t see the person daily, his voice and face is the only medium to sustain and know that he’s there somewhere in some corner of the world all right. Love is always there but the spark goes missing in sometime.Hence, most long distance relationships are hard to maintain but there are always exceptions to everything, obviously.
Seema who has been in a long distant marriage with her husband since three years feel alone and unsatisfied physically and emotionally. She’s empty inside and is desperate for her thoughts and emotions to be heard by someone. Rushad, her workplace friend invites her over for dinner and chat which makes her feel needed and heard. She feels good to be with a man after along time and hence ends up sleeping with him as she had been lonely since many years.
Rishi was quite hurt in the beginning and its only fair to be hurt and angry on his mother but later when Seema sorts out with him about how she is alone and she needs someone to be with her he tries and empathizes his mother.
Seema loves her husband very much but she is void of physical touch and she wanted that hence she met Sahil. Well, we cannot judge her for bring wrong or right because we are not Seema and we cannot feel what she feels…
The story is about a mother and Son relationship where the Son later realizes that a Mother is also a woman who has Emotional and Physical needs which are natural but are often suppressed in our society or have to be sacrificed by mother for the sake of her family.

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