Monakaka Ni Chaigiri

Mona Kaka Ni Chaigiri | Episode 01 - Bhane Te Ganey | Shekhar Shukla | Gujarati Web Series

Gujarati Web Series – MO. Na KAKA NI CHAIGIRI – EPS # 1

Bhane Te Ganey – SYNOPSIS

The opening of the tea shop in the morning with Mo Na kaka and his Assistant Dudhpaak doing the Pooja. Dudhpaak asking Kaka why do we ring the bells in a temple? Kaka explains that it creates a very positive environment all around.

A man enters the shop and in Jamnagri dialect ask for strong and sweet tea…Kaka asks him if he is from Jamnagr… Then tells how he reconises people ofdifferent regions of Gujarat by way of their speaking styles and tea habits…

Dudh is singing while making tea and his Girlfriend Sapna enters the tea shop ..Kaka says Kauve ki koyal aa gayi…and laughs… Dudh is comparing his girlfriendwith the various ingredients of tea ….sugar…masala…milk..etc. …Kaka breaks in a song too…..

Just then 3 boys and a girl (Omy, Rishi, Tushar and Pooja, who are going to be regular characters in the series) from the college in the neighbourhood , enter the tea shop who have bunked college on a very wrong pretext, spreading arumour that a professors mother has passed away… and all the students justvanished from the college.

Tushar’s Father who is sitting in the shop catches him and they argue about bunking classes Kaka hears all this, and tells them that everyone may it be the teachers, parents, all are working for their progress.. The boys ridicule kaka and kaka gives it back to them in chaste English ….

They accept their mistake..

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