Mona Kaka Ep5

Mona Kaka Ni Chaigiri | Episode 05 - Mobile No Moberia | Shekhar Shukla | Gujarati Web Series

It was like any other day , and the four college regulars at the tea house were engrossed in their mobiles. The world did not exist for them.

They would always be glued to their Mobiles.
So much so that they once paid the bills for the tea without even having it. Monakaka is not very happy about the situation .
Just then Kaka gets a call from his old friend Chaganbhai . He asks for some favour and Monakaka says it will be done , and calls him over to the tea house.

Just when Chaganbhai was to come in Monakaka has to leave for some urgent work and tells Doodhpak to take the package Chaganlal would give him.

Chaganlal comes in and enquires and is told to wait as Mona kaka had to go out. Just then Chaganlal gets a call saying his wife had met with an accident and he rushes to be by her side . Chaganlal while leaving wants to hand over the parcel for Mona kaka to Doodhpak. Doodhpak who is busy making tea , asks him to hand over the package to the college regulars sitting there. Chaganlal tells them about the package …but they are so lost in their mobiles that they hardly pay attention to his talk. Frustrated chaganlal keeps the package and leaves.

When Kaka comes and enquires about the parcel …it was MISSING The parcel is not th there where Champaklal had left it. Its learnt that the parcel contained precious jewels , which Champaklal wanted to keep as surety against a loan which he wanted Monakaka to organize.

All fingers are raised towards the four college students , who plead not guilty. Things go from bad to worse . The police is called and he warns all the kids.

All are on the verge of crying . Just then Monakaka bursts out laughing and reveals that he had done all this to make them realize that mobiles are for our convenience . We should make right use of them . We cannot become their slaves.
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