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Mona Kaka Ni Chaigiri | Episode 04 - Vat, Vachan Ane Vare | Shekhar Shukla | Gujarati Web Series

Gujarati Web Series -Episode 04 – Vat, Vachan Ane Vare

Monakaka’s man Friday , Doodhpak and the neighborhood girl Sapna are madly in love with each other.

Monakaka know’s about it and is happy about it.
All but Sapnas father was deadly against this liaison , as Doodhpak did not belong to the same caste and community as Sapna. And Sapna hand was already given in marriage to a relative of his at a very young age . So he would go to any length to save his Honour and Pride.

Sapnas father Champaklal comes to the tea house and threatens Doodhpak and Monakaka with dire consequences if this affair was not stopped. Just then Sapna disappears from home . Nobody knows where had she disappeared . Champaklal is hell bent on killing Doodhpak. He even gets the Police to the Tea house to take Doodhpak under custody and question him about his daughters whereabouts.

Just then Sapnas friends come to the tea shop with a video message of hers . Sapna is seen in the video saying that as her Father would never let her marry Doodhpak she was ending her life. And bids Good bye to all. Everybody is shocked .

When the whole thing is about to go out of hand Sapna appears from nowhere, absolutely hale and hearty.
Then finally Monakaka reveals how he had planned the whole thing and that all along Sapna was at his place safe and sound.

He see’s to it that the two lovers are united . And Sapnas father who was always riding on a high horse of false honour and pride comes to terms with the situation forms the crux of the episode.

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