Mona Kaka Ep3

Mona Kaka Ni Chaigiri | Episode 03 - Dubai No Dost | Shekhar Shukla | Gujarati Web Series

Gujarati Web Series – Mo Na KAKA NI CHAIGIRI – EP # 3 – Dubai No Dost.

Its early morning ….and a middle aged man in western gear arrives at the tea stall. Everybody is staring at him and looking at his odd dress style.

Kaka finds him to be familiar. But cannot place him. They both get talking and kaka is told that he, i.e Pet has come from Dubai. Kaka recognizes him as he and Pet were childhood friends.

Pet recognizes him too Tells that he has a business in Dubai so has tovstay there. And that Mona kaka had not progressed in life as he did. Pet asks some Indian currency on the pretext from Kaka as he did not have them.

Kaka gives him the money. Dudh feels something fishy about Pet. He goes behind him and finds out that Pet is a old resident of the locality and was a fraud and that he was cheating one and all.

He sees Pet is being thrown out of his house by the landlord as He had to pay Rs 20000 to his landlord as Rent for many months.
Dudh goes and tells everything to Kaka.

Just then Pet enters the stall. Starts to spin his his new stories and asks for more money ….
Kaka tells him that his game was over and that he should turn a new leaf and try to earn a new reputation.

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