Mona Kaka Ep2

Mona Kaka Ni Chaigiri | Ep 02 - Happy Valentine Day | Shekhar Shukla | Gujarati Web Series

Gujarati Web Series – MO. Na KAKA NI CHAIGIRI – EP # 2 – Happy Valentine Day

Dudhpak serves special flavoured tea to Kaka… Kaka is surprised its Chocolate tea… Dudhpak says coz Its Valentine Day.

The regular gang comes in and Pooja, ties the friendship band on the wrists of the boy gang.

Kaka says Rakhsha bandhan is 6 months away… Poo explains that it’s a symbol of friendship amongst boys and girls .

Just then a very hot girl, Shushmita, enters the hotel and sits down for a tea.

The boys drool over her and all want to get her as their valentine. They get into a fantasy dream that all of them are winning her over…. but it’s a dream. Once out of their dream they realize that the girl has left.

Pooja challenges them to woo the girl. It’s a bet amongst them. They go behind the girl. Try to woo her but end up fighting amongst themselves. Kaka asks pooja why the boys have fought. She tells him the story. Kaka explains to them that what they did was so wrong and cheap…. Why all girls have to be girlfriends and why not just friends ? All realize.

Just then the hot girl Shushmita comes once again and becomes friends with the gang and Kaka.

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