Karan (about 30) and Anamika (about 30), former lovers, run into each other in the lobby of a hotel in Switzerland. While Karan looks at Anamika affectionately, Anamika definitely hates him. Anamika’s hatred is justified as the two of them were engaged before they broke up because Karan had one nightstand.

Flights leaving Switzerland get cancelled indefinitely due to bad weather leading to a shortage of available rooms. As the hotel management tries to accommodate as many people as possible, Anamika agrees to share the room with Karan for old times’ sake.

Though Anamika pretends to be indifferent initially, the bitterness inside her comes out when Karan reminds Anamika that Switzerland was the place where they had planned to spend their honeymoon!Anamika sarcastically orders Cognac, Tuna and Chocolate in order celebrate Karan’s marriage with some other girl!

However as the Congac enters their blood stream and takes effect, both of them open up, and revisit the events which lead to their separation. This leads to starting revelations, which take them further apart but also helps brings forth their genuine concern for each other.

Then they share the Tuna and wonder whether life would have been different if they had handled certain situation differently and are able to forgive each other but still unable to get out of the hole they have dug for themselves.

But when the two ex-lovers share Chocolate, their awkwardness melts away completely and they are able to rediscover the love they once had for each other and look at a future of possibilities, moving on from the bitterness of the recent past.

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